Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Read Mark 8:1-10

Key Words and Phrases
** a great crowd without anything to eat
** I have compassion for the crowd
** they will faint on the way
** How many loaves do you have?
** took the loaves, gave thanks, broke them, and gave them
** seven baskets full of leftovers
Reflection Questions
1. What is there about Jesus that would justify going to a deserted place to hear him without any "fast food" for three days?
2. Do we really need all of the resources that we consume for ourselves, or should compassion for others motivate us to share more of what we have?
Lord, you have compassion for the crowds and for each individual. Your lovingkindness is without limit. You not only provide for the immediate need, you give more than enough "to get us home." Help us to discern our true needs, and to be honest about our wants, so that we may follow your example of compassion and extravagant generosity. Amen

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