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Another depiction of Ruth and Boaz

Verse of the Day
Though it is true that I am a near kinsman, there is another kinsman more closely related than I. Remain this night, and in the morning, if he will act as next-of-kin for you, good; let him do it. If he is not willing to act as next-of-kin for you, then, as the Lord lives, I will act as next-of-kin for you. Ruth 3:13

Voice of the Day
Men learn to expect status, service, and submission. They lose the right to be wrong. They are denied the obligation to learn from others. They use things -- money, power, and property -- to define themselves. They work till they drop, and they drop from working. They have little emotional release. They substitute authority for competency. Such a system is a long, long way from Galilee.
Heart of Flesh, Joan Chittister

Prayer of the Heart
God, give me the courage to be revolutionary as your Son Jesus Christ was. Give me the courage to loosen myself from this world. Give me the courage to stand up free and to shun no criticism. God, thank you for the vision of the future, but make it fact and not theory. Amen.
Henri Nouwen

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