Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Read Mark 6:35-44

Questions for Reflection and Prayer
1. When the crowd grew hungry, the disciples asked Jesus to send them away to buy food in the villages. Jesus told the disciples,"You get them something to eat."

How often do you pray for God to make a problem disappear without considering your own responsibility for dealing with the problem?

2. The disciples found five loaves of bread and two fish - a pitifully small amount of food to feed 5,000+ people. When Jesus blessed and broke the loaves and distributed them and the fish, "all ate and were filled," with twelve baskets of leftovers.

Do you sometimes consider your own gifts and resources too limited to make a real difference? Can you offer whatever you have to God, trusting that God will use you in surprising ways?

3. After feeding the crowd, Jesus sent the disciples ahead on a boat, then went up on the mountain to pray.

Do you take sufficient time to surround your service to others with prayer?

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