Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 15,2009

Read Luke 7:31-35
This short passage speaks to me in at least two important ways.

First, my desire to please and have the approval of everyone is futile. It's not going to happen, and its pursuit is misguided.

Luke points out that, as different as John the Baptist and Jesus were, the people did not accept either. John led an ascetic life in the desert. Jesus ate and drank with outcasts. John was a prophet announcing judgment and calling for repentance. Jesus announced God's blessing on the poor and called the rich to repent. Each had a small group of followers, but both were ultimately rejected. There will be people to criticize and find fault with almost any enterprise, especially if there is an expectation of change. Why should I expect to be exempt from criticism and second-guessing?

Secondly, I am like everyone else in this regard. I can always find a reason not to respond to God's call or participate in God's work.

Luke uses the image of children refusing to join each other's games, and, as a result, sitting on the sidelines. There is a temptation to criticize and boycott projects which we did not originate, especially if we have offered an alternative project. How many times have I failed to join in the work, struggles, and celebration of the Kingdom because I had "a better idea?"

Thank goodness for "the children of wisdom" who can get beyond initial impressions, see the evidence of God's work, and give themselves to it enthusiastically.

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